Galesburg Junior Football is for players in entering grades 1 through 6. It is staffed by volunteers who share a commitment to providing an opportunity for children to have fun while learning the fundamentals of the sport,


Galesburg Junior Football League

Questions contact: President of JFL

At Knox College

  1. -Vikings

  2. -Raiders B

  3. -Raiders W

  4. -Packers

  5. -Panthers

  6. -Cardinals

  7. -Bears

Flag Football

  1. -Steelers

  2. -Eagles

  3. -Patriots

  4. -Colts

  5. -Bengals

2014 Registration

Grades 1-3 Flag Division $40 flat fee

Grades 4-6 Tackle Division $100 flat fee or

$60 and must sell $40 fee assistance tickets.


Knox JFL Camp: July 9-10, 10am-12pm

Knosher Bowl, Knox College

or JFL Camp: August 4-6, 5-7pm

Jason Wessels Park

Tackle participants must present a copy of

their birth certificate (1st year players) and

a current medical sports physical